• Healthcare

    As a healthcare services provider you face growing demand, rising operational costs and new regulatory requirements. You need to be more efficient while improving your clinical's quality of care and ensuring patient safety.
    Ziatac e-KIS system can create the digital clinic environment that lets you to capture, store, manage and securely access patient information.

e-KIS system

Ziatac E-Solutions is committed to providing clinical quality. We strive to achieve this by providing the right care for each patient, the first time and every time. e-KIS is an important tool we use to improve the quality of care delivered and to reduce the chance of errors. It allows the entire care team instant access to all the important information about your patients. Important decisions are based on accurate, updated information, and care is delivered efficiently.

What is e-KIS?

e-KIS is a computerized system that organizes, stores and double checks all your medical information. Your health history, prescriptions, doctor's notes and dictation and all other information are kept together, electronically. This replaces the paper charts of the past.

Who can use it?

ZIATAC e-KIS is a complete solution to health professionals include aesthetic physicians, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, psychologists, physical therapists, paramedics, and a wide variety of other individuals regulated and/or licensed to provide some type of health care in medispa and medical centers.

Technical Information

e-KIS is suitable for any tablet, PCs running Windows and Macs. For online support, a high speed internet connection (preferably broadband) is required to allow us to connect to your PC. You should also have Teamviewer installed on your PC.

Our standard package includes:
• Hosting for one year, daily backup
• 1GB data storage and 200 MB database capacity

We can import your existing database, please contact us to discuss the details.